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Our integrated solution will help companies digitalise their entire end to end order fulfilment process


Order Management

  • Manage and track all orders status to suppliers real-time.
  • Manage orders from multiple sites.
  • Receive supplier’s update & notification online.
  • Intelligent re-ordering.
  • Set Service Level Agreement (SLA) to manage orders.

Order Fulfilment Management

  • Customers orders consolidated in a single view.
  • Manage your customers orders real-time.
  • Send notification to single or multiple customers online.
  • Generate Sales Quotation & Sales Orders.
  • Manage customers expectations with SLA .

Inventory Management

  • Real-time stock update from order based products.
  • Stock transfer from different sites.
  • Weekly/ Monthly stock take & checks .
  • Track inventories across multiple locations .

Field Sales Management

  • Mobility solution for the Sales and Merchandiser team.
  • Check and update for inventories.
  • Generate Sales Order, Delivery Order & Invoice.

Business Intelligent & Analytics Suite

  • Analyse sales, procurement and ordering trends etc.
  • Predictive analytics for informed business decisions.
  • Set, monitor KPI on company level, departments and employees .

Smart Logistics Management

  • Seamless data integration to logistic partners.
  • Receive shipment, picking instructions.
  • Smart Route Optimisation & Management (ROaM)™.
  • Update quantity changes online during delivery rounds.


It takes Two to Tango: Connect to the Supply Chain Network

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Awesome Benefits

Better productivity

Reduce time spent manually processing orders or tracking inventory. Make your employees happy with our easy to use solution.

More visibility and control

Track all sales, purchases and inventory across your business network - while on the go.

Increase sales

Our digital solution enables better customer engagement, longer order cut-off times and wider delivery coverage.

Reduce costs

Optimise orders and inventory to avoid over or under stocking of situations. Reduce use of paper -save the planet!

Privacy and confidentiality

Set custom products and pricing by customers/ suppliers. Only your authorised employees can access the information.

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